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A M O R   F L O R U M 

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A M O R   F L O R U M products are formulated with the highest quality raw, food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical grade ingredients in their natural state, allowing their living, healing attributes to penetrate and rejuvenate.


All of the ingredients in our blends are therapeutically beneficial for skin and hair – there are no fillers, chemicals or synthetic additives. We do not use petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, sulfates, fillers, artificial preservatives, colours, fragrance or any other synthetic ingredients in our products. 


Wherever possible the ingredients are certified organic or wild-sourced, and others, while not “certified” organic, are still grown to the same principles and ethically produced.  We are proud of our ingredients and are totally transparent about what we use and what is in each of our carefully made skin and hair care products.

We source ethically, from reputable suppliers and know the provenance of all of our raw materials.


Our luxurious formulations are handcrafted in Hampshire, in freshly prepared small batches and made from nature’s most exquisite plant and mineral extracts. Whether sustainably wildcrafted or organically grown, we source the highest quality, therapeutic grade oils, essential oils, and nourishing plant butters.


Our packaging is as important as what is inside it. We use high-quality packaging that is completely recyclable and is attractive enough to be re-purposed so it can continue to be loved and used. We keep our packaging to a minimum, we do not use boxes or leaflets. We only use high percentage post-consumer, fully reclaimable and reprocessable Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, jars and labels with a low carbon footprint. We only use other sustainable materials for our packaging: Aluminium and glass. Any outer packaging we use is required for shipping and is made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) that is fully reclaimable and reprocessable as well.


We are registered for EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) where applicable.

EPR is an environmental policy that holds the party who first places an EPR-applicable product in a country, responsible to mitigate the environmental impacts of their product for its entire life cycle from design to the end of its life, including waste collection, treatment and customer take-back.

Our products are sold all over Europe and are available on Amazon, just follow the links on the product pages on this site to purchase from Amazon in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and Turkey.​

A M O R   F L O R U M is a Registered Trademark of

Halodawn Limited

Company number 10915907
GU34 5BB, United Kingdom

All our products are registered on the SCPN of the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) as required by the UK Cosmetics Regulation (Schedule 34 to the Product Safety and Metrology etc. (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019) and in the EU on the CPNP as required by Regulation (CE) No 1223/2009 by the European Parliament and the Council of Cosmetic Products.

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