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COSMETIC GRADE - Deep Pore Facial Cleanser, Blackhead Remover & Pore Minimiser 100% Natural Face Clay Mask, Superfine, high purity, PH 6.


Natural Healing Clay Mask | Detoxifying, Deep Pore Cleanser, Anti-Ageing, Healing, Revitalising | Unclogs pores and draws out the toxins from the skin | Exfoliates and gives a glow to your face | Makes skin softer and is great for all skin types.


HOW TO USE: Mix equal parts of clay and water, mix well and apply as a mask. Add more clay or water as needed. Use a non metal bowl and utensil and mix to a smooth paste Apply a generous layer to skin and wait 5 to 10 minutes for delicate skin, 10 to 15 minutes for normal skin. YOUR FACE WILL TINGLE, PULL AND FEEL TIGHT! Gently rinse off with warm water. Your skin may be red for 30 minutes or more, this is normal and will subside. Use once a week for a deep pore cleanse, moisturise after use.


INGREDIENTS: Cosmeticl Grade Calcium Bentonite

This product has not been tested by the Codex Alimentarius and is not for ingestion. Only for external use. Keep away from children and eyes. Discontinue if irritation occurs.


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    • DRAWS OUT TOXINS FROM YOUR SKIN. Bentonite clay has a very strong negative electrical charge. Many toxins have a positive charge, the clay bonds to them. When it comes in contact with a toxin, heavy metal, chemical, or other impurity, the clay will gobble up the toxin and release its minerals for the body to use. Bentonite clay also pulls hydrogen from cells, allowing room for oxygen. This helps with circulation, and overall skin tone and health.
    • CONTROLS SEBUM, UNCLOGS SKIN PORES AND SHRINKS THEM: Make a mask from clay using enough water and clay to make a paste along with a little lime juice. Apply to your face and neck and leave on for about thirty minutes. You will feel your face tighten slightly as the mask dries. Rinse with warm tap water and pat dry with a clean towel. Repeat this twice a week to reduce the size of your pores and leave your skin feeling vital and fresh.
    • MAKES YOUR SKIN SOFTER AND EXFOLIATES: Bentonite clay is loaded with silica, a trace mineral that strengthens connective tissue including muscles, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. It makes your skin super soft. Silica is the most abundant mineral in the earth's crust, also know as silicon dioxide. Glass, quartz, and sand are all comprised of oxygen and silicon. Using Bentonite Clay on your skin means you reap all of its benefits as it is readily absorbed and it is a powerful exfoliant.Use on your body at dusk and in the evening to benefit from Citronella's bug repellant properties.
    • HELPS REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF ACNE SCARS: Bentonite clay is one among the few effective home remedies to remove the scar tissues. This clay helps to remove toxins from your pores, allows skin to heal and reduces inflammation. Bentonite clay helps in the lightening of acne marks on the face and to get rid of of scar tissue and stretch marks easily and effectively. Clay can help heal the skin and reduce inflammation and redness.
    • BENTONITE CLAY IS GREAT FOR: **Detoxifying bath** Add ¼ cup of clay to your bath water with some lavender essential oil for a relaxing and detoxifying bath. **Toothpaste** Mix a little clay with your regular toothpaste. The clay will help draw toxins out of your oral cavity. **Baby powder** To ease the soreness and inflammation of a rash, sprinkle a little clay on your baby. You can also mix some clay with a little water to form a healing mask for the sore area.
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